Entries Competition with YeonSu-Gu for 

‘SNS 3-minute film festival with Songdo’

YeonSu-Gu, the center of Incheon, recruits films for the 3-minute SNS film festival.

Everyone who loves movies wants to get a lot of attention and participation.


Film festival held:  October 30(Fri.) ~ October 31(Sat.), 2020

A. Competition reception schedule

1) June 15(Mon.), 2020 ~ September 29(Tue.), 24 p.m. 2020

B. Entry

1) All short films from domestic and overseas (3-10 minutes)

2) It is possible regardless of genre for example, dramatic films, documentaries, experimental films, animations, etc.

C. Entry Guide

1) Eligibility: Films made within two years of the starting date of ‘3-minute Film Festival with Songdo’

2) How to enter: Access cinehub homepage (http://www.cinehubkorea.com/) and complete the entry application

3) Entry period: From June 09(Mon.), 2020 ~ September 29(Tue.), 24 p.m. 2020 


Online reception

URL : http://www.cinehubkorea.com/bbs/write.php?bo_table=3minff_submit

 The selection of works will be determined after the judging of the trial committee selected by the "SNS 3-Minute Film Festival with Songdo" for all entries, and does not provide any unselected reasons for the unselected work.


Announcement of the screening

1) The selected films will be announced on October 09(Fri.).

2) Posted on the official website of the Film Festival on 10/09(Tue.),2020 and notify individual (subject to change due to the circumstances of the film festival)



1) Total 20 million won

2) General Competition Category: Film Work Award, Director's Award, Cinematography Awards, Screenplay Award, Film Art Award, Music Award, Male and Female Lead Award, Three-Member Special Award, Executive Committee Special Award, Best Audience Award, Best Netizens Award

3) YeonSu-Gu and Incheon Competition Division:

Special Prize of The Yeonsu Ward Office (1 domestic, 2 overseas works)

Best Prize for Best Work of The Yonsei Ward Office (1 overseas)


Notes when submitting

1) You must read and agree to the rules of entry and asset management, and complete the application form.

2) All information created in the application form shall be free of falsehoods and will be excluded from the examination if it is found to be false.

3) YouTube videos cannot be registered, and when you submit an application for entry online, you will be accompanied by a movie file.

4) If the entrant changes the editing of the film or changes the video after the entry, it must be consulted in advance with the film festival.

5) The submitted film must be the same as the final film to be submitted to the film festival at the time of selection, and if the final film is different from the submitted film, the selection of the work may be cancelled.

6) No materials submitted for entry will be returned.


Use of films and other

1) The film confirmed at the film festival will be used as an official event material, such as broadcasting or the Internet, for the purpose of promoting the film festival, and if it is used for publicity purposes, it shall not exceed 10% or 3 minutes of the total length.

2) Images or other materials submitted after the screening is confirmed will be used for film festivals, homepages, and media promotions.

3) After the film festival, winners or screenings may be re-screened at screenings organized and hosted by the small film festival. In this case, the Film Festival must obtain a prior permission in consultation with the copyright holder or copyright agent (distributor).

4) The exhibitor shall be responsible for any copyright-related issues related to the music, images, etc. used in the film.


*We hope that the creators of short films will participate.


Entry enquiry

1) Cacao Channel http://pf.kakao.com/_NBGhxl

2) 3-minute Film Festival Secretariat - Cinehub Company (02-831-3007 / e-mail: cinehubstory@daum.net)


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