입동, 立冬,Winter Begins (2019) 영어자막

Film Info 작품정보
  • 입동, 立冬,Winter Begins (2019) 영어자막
  • Genre 장르 : 드라마
  • Director/Writer 감독/작가 : Li Jiayi
  • Cast 출연 : Druc Dealer Zhang Xu Neighbor Donc Shen
  • Producer 책임 프로듀서 : Yin Bailu Li Xingming
  • Production 제작 : Beijing Film Academy Student
  • DOP 촬영감독 : Tonc Wei
  • EDITING 편집 : Max Lu (Canada)
  • ART DIRECTION 미술감독 : Set Manacer
Synopsis 시놉시스

단편 영화 "겨울 시작"겨울 밤은 중국 북부에서 가족 상봉의 날입니다.,이 배달원은 여전히 무거운 삶의 짐으로 바쁘다.,샤오양은 황폐한 임대주택에서 고군분투하고 있다.이 병과 생명의 외침으로.,그러나 겉보기에는 평범한 표현 질서가 두 사람의 운명과 짧은 연관성을 갖고 있다.,욕망의 신들 앞에 보이는 것은 바로 인간의 본성의 차갑다.,추운 겨울 밤에는 기온이 떨어진다. 사람들 사이의 관계도 얼어붙는 지점으로 떨어진 것 같다.,

The short film " Winter Begins " beginning of winter night is a day of family reunion in northern China. The courier is still busy with the heavy burden of life. Xiao yang is struggling in the dilapidated rental house. Due to the disease and the cry for life. However, a seemingly ordinary express order has a short connection between the fate of the two. It is precisely the coldness of human nature that is displayed in front of the gods of desire. The temperature drops in cold winter night; it seems that the relationship between people has also fallen to the freezing point. A shapeless "blade" that stabs both of them. Perhaps more than one...

Directors Note 연출의도
Humanity;Desire;Education;Marginal Man;Narcotics;Religion;Politics;Freedom
Actors/Staff 배우/참여스태프


Druc Dealer Zhang Xu Neighbor Donc Shen


Producer - Yin Bailu Li Xingming

Editor - Max Lu (Canada)

Camera - Tonc Wei

Chief Lightings - Gaffer Max Lu

Art Designer - Set Manacer

DI Colorist/SFX Max Lu

음악 모래숲 - 미영의 테마

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애드온 설정

Director 감독
  • 李嘉毅 (Li Jiayi)
  • 중국 China
  • joiylee@icloud.com
Biography 감독소개

The short film mainly wants to show the indifference of human nature. Xiaoyang, a drug addict whose family has broken down, seems to him to have only drugs, broken families and broken love, which ultimately leads to his destruction. But should we also think more about the current way of education in Chinese families and the heavy burden that young people bear in contemporary society? Delivery man Lao Niu seems to be inadvertently involved in such a storm, but is he also one of the "indifferent people" in the current society? When he came into the house, he found Xiao Yang fell to the ground. He wanted to save him. But when his girlfriend called him and learned that Xiao Yang was a drug addict, he changed immediately. He only wanted to protect himself, instead of caring about Xiao Yang's life and death. In his eyes, as long as he did not encroach on his own life and other people's life, it had nothing to do with himself. This shows that it is common in the present society. The indifference between people is not full of warmth, but mutual suspicion and estrangement. Neighbor's indifference is a typical example of "nothing to do with oneself, hanging high". It seems that anyone who is dead or alive has nothing to do with him. As long as you don't disturb his life, you can show the numbness of some groups in today's society from the side. Everything that is self-serving and has nothing to do with one's own interests, you don't care. The indifference of courier's daughter-in-law, in fact, is the reflection of the couple's concern for their partners for a long time. In her eyes, she does not seem to care about whether courier's husband works hard outside, whether he will encounter danger or not, but only about his own gains and losses. In this increasingly materialized society, money and material basis seem to be the generation of everything. If not, it seems that all human emotions will collapse. The seemingly benevolent Guanyin image is actually a metaphorical superstructure. Some people who are in high positions or possess all-round wealth, like gods and Buddhas, look at the people who are struggling at the bottom ruthlessly. What is it that makes our society more and more indifferent? Are people getting more and more alienated from each other? The red goldfish is the representative of desire. Eventually, Xiaoyang and Lao Niu died in the house, and the goldfish representing desire could not escape the bad luck. Perhaps the root of all the problems lies in the expanding desire of human beings. In this cold winter night, with the sudden drop in temperature, it seems that people's hearts are getting colder and colder. The dumplings of delegation circle are not eaten by either of them. In the current materialistic society, do we need to examine our lives more rationally, and occasionally slow down in the high-speed modern city life, and calm down to think about the relationship between ourselves and this society? Contact. 

In this short film, I strive to create a restless atmosphere, using more hand-held shooting methods from the lens use, the tone of the film also pursues a cool tone, not only showing the cold weather, but also reflecting the indifference of the characters in the play. In terms of sound, I try to use the change of stereo surround sound field to create a more oppressive atmosphere, so that the audience can be more. Good integration into the film. Let the audience not only feel the tension on the screen, but also have an auditory resonance with the characters in the play.

Filmography 필모그래피
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