단편영화 푸어하우스 <Poor House>

Film Info 작품정보
  • 단편영화 푸어하우스 <Poor House>
  • Genre 장르 : 공포
  • Director/Writer 감독/작가 : 안내쉬 (Nash Ang)
  • Cast 출연 : 문주연 박건우 박영 조영숙
  • Producer 책임 프로듀서 : 이수아
  • DOP 촬영감독 : 권영일
Synopsis 시놉시스

A young couple caught in debt decides to search for a new and much cheaper home, 

but what they find instead is an imprint of terror concealed within the very city they live in. 

Directors Note 연출의도

From directing to acting, a Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) graduate who migrated here has snagged himself a starring role in a popular TV show.


In his latest project, Nash Ang stars as Ikbal, one of the two Filipinos who witnessed a crime in the action-crime-horror Korean drama “Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong.”


In the series, Yoon Cheo Yong (played by Jiho Oh) is a detective who has supernatural abilities to see and hear ghosts since birth. Together with female detective Ha Sun Woo (Ji Eun Oh) and a ghost high school student Han Na Young (Hyoseong Jun, from a popular South Korean girl group Secret), they solve paranormal cases and arrest criminals.


Episode 5 tackles about a case that involves foreign workers in a factory. It shows their lives, how they learn Korean language and how they sacrifice for the sake of their families at home. It also deals with human rights issues.


Ang, as one of the two Filipinos in the episode, showcases his talent in speaking both in Korean and Filipino.


Nash took up Mass Communication and majored in Broadcasting in PUP in Sta. Mesa, Manila. He is currently studying Masters in Film major and Directing in Korea University of Arts. In September 2012, he won Best Director in the 13th Pyongyang International Film Festival in North Korea .


His directing career started when he won two grand prize awards in the ASEAN-Korea Multimedia Competition in South Korea in 2012, and in the 1st Southeast Asian Documentary Awards 2010 in Thailand.


Nash also won 1st Place in the Asian Development Bank's My View Video Competition 2011. His documentary film "Lusong" (Dive) was a finalist in 2012 New York Film Festival.


Aside from his directing career, Nash appeared in the music video in JYJ’s Incheon 17th Asian Games song, "Only One." He had a cameo role in the South Korean film "The Flu," together with fellow Filipino actor Lester Avan. He is the main actor in a theater group named Salad Multicultural Theater Group, which goes to elementary schools in and out of Seoul to conduct show tours and introduce multi-culturalism in Korea.


Nash has a minor role as a crying man in the upcoming film of Jang Dong Gun, one of the highest paid actors and celebrity endorsers in Korea. Currently, he is working as a director on a full-length film of a romantic-comedy about Korean and Filipino love story entitled "Confession," after doing a short horror film called "Poor House." — KBK, GMA News 


(Pinoy actor-director in Korea stars in episode of action-horror series By DENNIS ESPINELI SALCEDOMarch 6, 2014 8:20pm SOUTH KOREA—source: www.gmanetwork.com


Awards 수상경력

-Granite 플래닛 국제 영화제 2015, 캐나다 

-Kochi 국제 단편 영화제 2015, 인도 

-Prokuplje 단편 영화제 2015, 세르비아  

Actors/Staff 배우/참여스태프









촬영감독 _ 권영일 

프로듀서 _ 이수아 

음향감독 _ 양애진 

미술감독 _ 유리 

조감독 _ 이장수 

조연출 _ 이민교 

촬영팀 _ 황상호 정종헌 

조명감독 _ 김경배 

조명팀 _ 이명준 장일지 백승호 

원작 _ “유랑아파트” 장재현 

각색 _ 안내쉬 이장소 이수아 권영일  

좋아요를 누른 멤버들
  • 이한이한
  • 훈이
  • Qork
  • 씨네허브

애드온 설정

Director 감독
Biography 감독소개

안내쉬는 필리핀 출신으로 현재 서울에서 생활하고 있다. 영화감독이자 한국예술종합학교에서 영화과 연출전공으로 석사과정을 이수하고 있는 대학원생이다. 그는 2010년 한-아세안센터 멀티미디어 공모전에서 일등상, 2010년 태국에서 열린 1회 동남 아시아 도규멘토리 축제에서 최적 필름을 받았다. 또한 국제무대에서 필리핀의 우수한 문화성을 꾸준히 드러낸 그는 2011년 대통령실과 국가문화예술위원회에서 수상하는 대통령상 (Ani ng Dangal) 을 베니그노 아퀴노 3세 대통령으로부터 수여받았다. 최근에는 2012년 북한에서 개최한 제13회 평양국제영화축전에서 최고감독상을 받았다.  


Nash Ang Gahan is one of the 2011 Ani ng Dangal for Cinema grantee in the Philippines for upholding Filipino artistic excellence in the international film scene. He won the best film on the 1st South East Asian Documentary Awards 2010 in Thailand. He is also the Grand Prize winner of the ASEAN-Korea Multimedia Competition 2010 in South Korea and the 1st Place Winner of the Asian Development Bank's My View Video Competition 2011.


In 2012, he bagged the best director award 13th Pyongyang International Film Festival, North Korea. 


Filmography 필모그래피

Director (5 credits)

 2011 Ang Dahilan ng Aking Buhay (Documentary short) (completed) 

 2015 Paraiso (Documentary) 

 2014 Seoul Mates 

 2011 Lusong (Documentary) 

 2010 iskWATER (Documentary short) 


Editor (3 credits)

 2011 Ang Dahilan ng Aking Buhay (Documentary short) (completed) 

 2015 Paraiso (Documentary) 

 2014 Seoul Mates 


Writer (1 credit)

 2014 Seoul Mates 

Cinematographer (1 credit)

2015 Paraiso (Documentary) 

Producer (1 credit)

2015 Paraiso (Documentary) (executive producer)  

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